In Some Departments
 Of Our Daily Life 
In Which We Imagine 
Ourselves Free Agents 
We're Ruled By Dictators 
Exercising Great Power.

There Are Invisible Rulers Who
Control The Destinies Of Millions.
It Is Not Generally Realized 
To What Extent The Words 
And Actions Of Our Most
Influential Public Men {News Actors} 
Are Dictated By Shrewd Persons
Operating Behind The Scenes.
  {Bernays Again}

Bernays Is Controlled Opposition
Works For The $tate. Only $tate 
Employees Allowed To Address 
The Public Via Mass Media

Which The $tate Completely
Controls Worldwide. Internet The Same.
Idea Is To Keep Folks In Doubt
  About Their Own Reality.
$tate Is Sadistic. Get Used To It.